Robert Muenz

Retail Sales & Marketing Consultant.
Expert Witness.

Let me help you market your products to the Retail Market.  While my specialty is working with Walmart and Sam’s Club, I am experienced with all aspects of the Retail Marketplace. I have also served as an Expert Witness in Retail, Walmart and Sam’s Club legal matters. Contact me and I will respond to your request within 24 hours.

A (Retired) mind is a terrible thing to waste… some of mine!

Retail Product, Packaging, Pricing, Sales, & Market Consulting Services

Etc…..”Objectivity”, “A Fresh Approach”, “Intelligent Ignorance”, etc.

… it want you want, but I have found that another point of view is almost always worth the money. Often the answer is close-by and a natural fit. But, it often takes an outside influence to help you see what is the obvious as well as the not-so-obvious ground breaking solution.

The retail marketplace is a rapidly changing world for both old and new consumer products. This is truer today than ever in my forty years in this business. Change is constant! The factors that are shaping this industry into the marketplace that it will be in ten years, weren’t even conceived of ten years ago. The companies that understand this, plan for it and are pro-active with new strategies and adjustments. They will be the most successful. Others will struggle and ultimately, fail. I have seen many successes and failures….and, I’ve learned from both.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that companies that think things through, listen and get expert advice, are the most successful. They save money, invest in the right things and are better prepared for the retail marketplace (or, what it will be). I may be able to help…..

Professional Expertise

Selling and Marketing

Forty years of experience with major consumer products to Regional, National and International Retailers.


Major Brands to Start-Ups

Includes, but not limited to, Consumer Brands as well as established National and International Brands and Private Labels.


All sizes ranging from small start-ups to large corporations with multi-faceted operations in U.S and abroad.


Principals and HQ locations in the U.S. and various International locations including Canada, Mexico, Europe, China and Taiwan. Partnered with a Chinese owned manufacturing company for many years.



Negotiated Selling, Marketing, Consulting contracts, compensation programs and Fee-Based programs.

Walmart/Sam’s Club

The last twenty-five years has been focused exclusively representing companies doing business with them. Our Bentonville, AR, office manages all aspects of selling and managing vendor programs.

Expert Witness

Retail focus. Reports, Opinions, Depositions and Testimony.

Professional (Retail) History:

Retail Works, LLC

Offices in Bentonville, AR and St. Louis, MO.
Focused on Walmart and Sam’s Club since 1994. 
Owner and CEO.
Specializes in exclusive representation of consumer products to Walmart and/or Sam’s Club.

Services include, but not limited to:

  • Buyer relations
  • Prospecting
  • SKU placement
  • Management of product life cycle growth
  • Responsibility of day-to-day activities as well
    as end-of-life product management
  • Retail Link management
  • Forecasting
  • Showroom and sample services, etc.

Kettler, Muenz & Young, Inc

Offices in St. Louis, Kansas City and Omaha.
Established in 1979.
Co-Founder, President and Managing Partner.

Manufacturer’s Representative for major consumer brands selling exclusively to retailers of all sizes in Missouri, Kansas,
Nebraska, Iowa and Southern Illinois. Also, represented selected Principals for Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Steady growth from inception to present with an industry reputation for highly professional retail representation of major consumer brands
as well as emerging companies.

Mr. Muenz sold this company to his partners in 2004 to focus exclusively with Walmart/Sam’s Club.

References, Brand Experience, & Press

References are available upon request.  Here are just a few of the brands I’ve represented over the years.
Here is a link to an article I’ve written for The TASA Group.

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